Christy Guilfoyle

Christy Guilfoyle

Christy is an exceedingly accomplished sales capability & performance leader, trainer and coach who brings a successful, award-winning, 20+ year career to our team. While working, directly as a key team member for both a Fortune 100 and Fortune 500 company, Christy served in a variety of sales, learning and development and leadership roles, earning multiple promotions throughout her tenure. Her well documented high performance, in each of the positions held, solidifies her professional credibility and personal commitment to move the needle.

Moreover, as a talent development partner in the professional services space, Christy has partnered with countless organizations, in a variety of industries from manufacturing to retail. Christy’s proven results and professional recommendations affirm her ability to upskill capabilities, drive performance, create and deliver powerful training solutions that contribute to the bottom line, as well as coach others on sales and leadership strategies, skills, and best practices. It’s befitting that Christy has established a personal brand for enabling individuals, teams and companies, alike, to effectively go further & faster in the highly competitive sales arena.

Industry Experience:

Banking, Broadcasting, Commercial Construction, Defense, Education, Electronics, Entertainment, Finance, Hospitality, Insurance, Packaging, Publishing, Goods & Services, Government, Health Care, Homebuilding, Pharmaceuticals, Manufacturing, Real Estate, Retail, Tobacco, Technology, Telecommunications, Transportation, and Utilities

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