Frank Audisio USA Coach

Frank Audisio

Frank Audisio has been focused on helping leaders, teams, and individual contributors with personal and professional development for the past ten years, first in the medical field and then in the non-profit sector. He received a Bachelor of Science from St. Louis University and later moved to St. Vincent and the Grenadines where he conducted research that focused on the neuro-pathology of Diabetes Mellitus and Myasthenia Gravis.

In the course of his research, Frank had the opportunity to work with impoverished communities and developed initiatives to coach local business owners on the basics of budget management, startup funding, personnel management, and personal well-being.

After his time in the Caribbean, Frank moved back to the US where his work focused on consulting with clients on how to grow and continue to thrive in the initial phases of the pandemic with an emphasis on individual growth, skill management, marketing/branding, and culture building for larger teams. He worked first as a growth consultant in the hospitality industry where he helped businesses achieve growth of 50% over the industry average and then served in an executive position with a neuroscience-based peak performance training company working with a wide range of highly motivated yet underperforming entrepreneurs and business owners to help increase productivity, reduce downtime, and still achieve optimal levels of work-life balance.

Specialization Areas:

Team-building, recruitment and training, culture building, sales process implementation and optimization, product/service offer building/positioning

Sector Experience:

L&D, Executive Coaching, Medical, Personal Development, Business Funding, Real Estate


Continental US, Eastern Time Zone, Specifically in South Florida

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