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Hans Schulte

Hans is a smart and results-oriented professional who collaborates with clients to produce their breakthrough outcomes.

Making breakthrough happen and unlocking the potential of individuals and teams is the foundation off which Hans provides measurable and practical coaching expertise. Hans has more than 10 years experience, coaching in enterprise as well as SME clients dealing with change, explosive growth, technology deployment and those looking to develop clarity around processes for growth. He is globally experienced and has a diverse background in industries including Medical, Airlines, ICT, Emerging Technology, Oil & Gas, FMCG, Mining and Finance/Insurance.

Hans has particular skill for team and individual leadership development especially in the context of big thinking and growing revenues. His business administration and strategy skills coupled with his leadership experience, mean that solutions are practical and focus on sustainable ‘traction-centric’ results. Hans is driven by a deep understanding of people underpinned by a fascination with business performance and comparative advantage through scalable process. He attributes his success as a coach to the ability for level headed, science-led, inclusive human interventions that lead to sustainable change and organisational performance.

Hans is a highly skilled individual who thrives on assisting people and teams to the next level of their journey. He is known for delivering the energy and environment that allow creativity, innovation and engagement to reinvigorate within a team or organisation. Clients describe Hans as a person who “has demonstrated time and time again that the key to change in ANY organization is through an intense focus on #1. The people #2. The people #3. The people. Hans believes that people are an organization’s greatest asset.” When you couple great growth-minded people with simple scalable process, amazing things happen.

Clients that Hans has recently worked with include:

  • BNZ
  • BUPA Health Care
  • Fletcher building
  • PDP Engineers
  • Vutiliti LLC
  • BUPA Insurance
  • Tazworks LLC
  • Change Healthcare
  • Trade House Data

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