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Jared Laidlaw

I’m a digital marketer that loves data, creative, consumer behaviour and tying it all together through strategy and execution to deliver higher sales and lead generation.

Having worked in New York, Australia, New Zealand, and remotely throughout the globe, I bring a wealth of experience and big picture thinking to the clients I work with. I’m a continuous learner and I’m always trying to either level up existing skills or add new ones to my arsenal.

If you have strong growth ambitions and are ready to team up with a trusted partner, I’d love to talk about how SalesStar Digital can help your business achieve its goals.

SalesStar Digital

SalesStar Digital is the digital marketing business unit of SalesStar. Created in 2021, it was born out of our clients’ continued frustration at the poor performance of their previous digital marketing partners.

In creating SalesStar Digital, we have pioneered a new approach to lead generation through digital marketing. Our focus is on ensuring that the marketing strategy runs parallel to the sales strategy, combining SalesStar’s world-leading knowledge in sales effectiveness with the cutting-edge expertise of our digital marketing team. SalesStar Digital ensures that lead generation is conducted in a synergistic way, across all applicable digital channels; and that all decisions are driven by data and linked to ROI.

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