Lars Sjöberg Sales Coaching

Lars Sjöberg

Lars has been specializing in change work in sales for a decade, where he has among others, worked with Audi, Volkswagen and Skoda. After a masters degree in engineering from the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm, Lars has had several positions in the Swedish industry as a Sales Manager, KAM, Sales Engineer, and Development Chemist. International business cooperation with Chevron, Total, Statoil/Equinor, and Preem Petroleum are on his list of experiences.

Lars is a trained and certified coach with courses completed at the International Coach Federation and accredited training in Executive Coaching. For several decades, Lars has been and still is the leader of one of Sweden’s oldest karate dojos as a high-grade sensei in Kyokushin Karate Do, full-contact karate. He himself has a competitive career behind him and coaches successful students with championship titles from knockdown tournaments around the world.

“I am passionate about coaching leadership and creating well functioning and effective teams that are constantly growing in their ability to reach higher levels and do their best. Osu No Seichin is a Japanese proverb from Kyokushin karate and means to do your absolute best, all the time. Never give up!”

With this foundation, Lars has worked and coached business leaders, sales managers, elite athletes, and employees who want to perform at the top level.

Specialisation Areas

Sales planning, Pipeline management, Change work, Motivation, Accountability, Executive Coaching, Equality, Coaching of groups, Top sports.

Sector Experience

Industrial international cooperation, Automotive sector, Steel industry, Manufacturing industry, Paper industry, Food industry, Energy industry, Education.


Lars has experience working in Germany, Netherlands, Denmark, Norway, Finland, UK, US, Sweden. Lars speaks fluent English and Swedish.

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