Lucca Sharplin - SalesStar Digital

Lucca Sharplin

Bachelor of Media Design, Majoring in Interactive Design // Media Design School

I am a digital designer with a deep passion for creating user-centric designs that are beautiful, functional, and tell great stories. I have developed a confident skill set that allows me to bring clarity and energy to every project I undertake.

In my role as SalesStar Digital’s Content & Creative Specialist, I leverage my expertise in UX/UI and graphic design to create designs that are visually stunning and deliver a seamless and intuitive user experience. With a focus on user-centric design, I apply my keen eye for research, planning, and building on-brand digital assets to ensure that each design resonates with clients’ target audience and aligns with their overall marketing strategy. Additionally, I am always exploring new and innovative design directions, pushing creative boundaries to develop fresh and exciting design solutions that exceed client expectations.

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