Patrick Sheehan SalesStar

Patrick Sheehan

Pat has more than 2 decades of experience at successfully leading business transformations and driving strategic growth, in both traditional corporate environments and the private sectors.

Pat’s roles have covered the spectrum of Owner, Chief Operating Officer, Chief Revenue Officer, Business Consultant, Franchising Consultant, Coach and as a Turnaround Specialist certified by the US Dept of Treasury and the NJ Bankruptcy Courts.

He has hands-on experience working with owners, executives and entrepreneurs in a variety of industries, including Healthcare Administration, Consulting & Coaching, Hotels & Resorts, Large Wineries, Health & Fitness, Roofing and Contracting companies, Retail, and Financial sectors, to name a few.

Pat values helping people accomplish their dreams of successful business ownership with SalesStar Practice Partner opportunities.  His unique ability to create trusting, comfortable environments with open communication helps him to be of significant service to our SalesStar partners.  Without doubt, his approach is serving others with a caring, motivating, loyal, intelligent upbeat yet bottom-line attitude (with a dry sense of humor sprinkled in).

“Helping others create long-term safety and security for themselves, their families and employees is my ultimate professional purpose.  There is no other more fulfilling, rewarding, or motivating way to inspire me each day”

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