Simon Anderson SalesStar

Simon Anderson

In 2021 I partnered with SalesStar to establish SalesStar Digital. I was drawn to the opportunity of working with SalesStar due to the values of the organisation, which emanate through to its great clients. I have thoroughly enjoyed working with clients who are serious about growth and also understand the importance of pairing a marketing strategy with a sales strategy.

I previously worked for a number of years as an independent consultant to companies around the globe and across a variety of industries. My predominant focus was on digital marketing and wider corporate strategy.

Before my professional career, I was born and raised in Blenheim, New Zealand before completing a Bachelor of Commerce (International Business, Economics) and Diploma of Language (Spanish) at the University of Otago.

In 2014 I completed a Masters of International Management from Bocconi University in Milan, Italy; and worked for several years in France and the UK. Having since returned to New Zealand, I am happily based on Auckland’s North Shore.

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