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Steven Dragoo

Steve started young in management at 17 running a fast-food restaurant at night. That experience set up the rest of his career. After serving in the USN in the medical field (cardiology – enlisted), he tried sales and went hungry. Friends invited him to the remote mountains of Colorado, but the only work was mining and other underground construction. Thirteen years later he realized he should have stayed in sales.

His sales career started on the phones almost 4 decades ago, but he rapidly advanced from manager to director of operations working with more than 200 people on various teams. Encouraged by those early successes, he decided to start his first of 3 corporations in direct marketing and consulted for many companies along that journey. From there, he found extreme satisfaction working with C-level executives in helping two corporations with a financial turn-around.

Fast forward to today, those high-level professional experiences gave me a great gift of insight and wisdom that I want to give back to the business world. Most CEOs and top corporate leaders would love to understand the subtleties of sales deeper as it is the primary growth tool with rich dynamics for any business wanting and even needing significant annual growth. That’s where we come in treating sales as a conversion science keeps sales teams in a growing experience and they won’t grow stale. Steve is currently a business development manager with SalesStar and enjoys helping team members grow.

Specialisation Areas

Business and marketing planning around high level sales experiences. Growth development as a holistic approach to sales leadership in a rapid growth environment.

Sector Experience

Financial markets, metals manufacturers, construction development management, and corporate business development.


North and South America, Western Europe, New Zealand, Asia, and Australia.

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