Tim Ogle SalesStar

Tim Ogle

Tim is a commercially driven, transformative business leader and coach skilled at devising strategy and transforming businesses to drive growth and profitability in the corporate, acquisition and start-up arena. With diverse, deep and extensive experience in blue chip, technology, banking, and engineering businesses, he brings a wide experience in creating and executing B2B sales transformation. This experience has been gained through designing, building and shaping how businesses sell in hugely successful organisations such as Barclaycard, PA Consulting, BAE Systems and NCC Group. Through an engaging and consultative style Tim embeds a consultative approach to commercial growth, fostering innovation across the business.

“I love the challenge of overcoming problems, and if we can do that through team-work whilst helping people achieve their goals that is the pinnacle. Sales is all about being inquisitive, problem solving but ultimately being in tune with what your customer really values. Through coaching I love supporting people to become highly effective sales-people in their own right”