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SalesStar are proud partners with Allego, the conversation intelligence platform which helps support the embedding of our coaching. 

Allego’s Sales Enablement Platform uses the power of mobile technology to ensure sales teams can quickly create and share interactive content to train, reinforce, onboard, coach, and drive productivity anywhere, anytime. 

Find out more about how Allego can support and transform your sales teams’ effectiveness when calling:

Allego General Manager, Kevin Beales comments on Allego’s partnership with SalesStar:

“Allego and SalesStar are long-term proud partners, sharing a vision in creating winning sales teams through training and coaching.

Allego’s platform, recognised as a leader by G2 for sales enablement, coaching, onboarding, learning and conversation intelligence, helps SalesStar achieve best-in-class results for their customers, growing by an average of 37% annually.

Allego’s AI driven Conversation Intelligence provide insights into frontline sales conversations where revenue is won and lost, coaching the moments that matter and providing real-life feedback that improve actual revenue and performance. Our learning platform maximises the impact and retention of skills and knowledge, with the highest ROI on time-investment.

SalesStar and Allego provides a lethal combination of technology and expertise that provides SalesStar customers with an unfair competitive advantage.”

At SalesStar we utilise this platform to ensure we are the product of the product. Allego’s tools provides insightful analysis into the way we make calls, records the call for training purposes, constructs a transcription of the call and creates the opportunity for coaching through its AI technology analysing the call.

Alison Fell, Head of Sales at SalesStar UK praises the platform:

“Allego enables a granular insight of performances, helping to identify strengths and weaknesses to personalise ongoing support. We use the data in Allego to optimise sales strategies based on real-life scenarios and allows us to uncover crucial questions such as:

What common questions are prospects asking?
Which objections are continuously being raised?

“We use the data provided by Allego to reduce our talk time and access the flow of each call. The stats provide a comprehensive view of the topics and questions used within each call, enabling specific guidance and support to be given to each salesperson.”

We were joined by Kevin Beales on our Creating SalesStars Podcast. In this insightful episode Pete Evans and Kevin look into setting up a coaching culture for sales leaders. Kevin looks into why only 5% of sales managers take time to coach their sales team.

We were also lucky enough to be joined by Allego sales director Stuart Taylor on the Creating SalesStars Podcast. Pete and Stuart look into why there is a resistance to coaching and why some managers refuse to be coached or coach their team. The pair look into the use of data when coaching teams and talk about the importance of prospecting, cold calling and receiving/giving feedback.

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