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It is the old adage; If you fail to plan, you plan to fail!  With a sales plan, you have clarity. It’s the guaranteed fast-track to growth.

Do you have a Sales Plan for making 2021 your best year in business?

Most CEO’s and Sales Leaders don’t have a sales plan prior to engaging with us. Why? Because they often say to us  they do not know where to start to develop an effective plan. It can be confusing and overwhelming as to what is actionable to include in a sales plan in order to get results.

A sales plan with just numbers isn’t a plan. You need to know how you’re going to get there, who is going to execute it, when that’s going to happen and whether you have the right team to do it.

When making plans, it’s best to adhere to the Goldilocks principle, too little information and you don’t have a plan, but too much and the plan is so incomprehensible you may as well not have one at all. The trick is striking the right balance.

Over the past several years we have pulled apart many sales plans and taken the critical elements out of them. We distilled these down into a One Page Sales Plan. This plan has all the critical elements you need, but is easy to populate, understand and to execute on. There is just the right amount of information in the plan to detail how you can grow sales and win market share from your competitors whilst they are snoozing.

It is important to note that the One Page Sales Plan provides a growth plan for 2 years out. Amid a crisis, you may want to plan as far out as 90 days and review it monthly. A month can be a long time in. business when you are in an uncertain market.

Our One Page Sales Plan is the foundation to our award winning coaching. You can download your FREE copy by clicking here!


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