Want better Sales Skills? Stop these 10 Bad Sales Habits

Stop these selling mistakes when completing your sales strategy

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Could these insane sales tactics be working against you? If you really want to know how to close a sale, put a stop to these ten bad sales habits:

1. Calling prospects without adequate research

It always pays to be prepared. Invest plenty of energy into researching quality leads, so your sales reps know who they’re calling and what is important to them so that they are ready to answer questions and handle objections.

2. Overselling and under-delivering

Only sell what your team is capable of delivering. Don’t over-promise; if you set the bar too high, you are only setting customers up to be disappointed once the final product is delivered. Always make sure your sales reps can back up their claims once the deal is done.

3. Trying too hard to be funny

A little bit of relatable humour can work wonders – but only if your sales reps are confident it won’t be taken the wrong way. Train your reps to use their best judgement. They should avoid making any jokes if they’re not certain they will be well received.

4. Bringing up problems

Raising red flags with potential customers might seem proactive, but really it just draws attention to risks that might not ever become realities. Let your customers ask the questions and keep your sales pitch on the positive aspects of the product or service.

5. Not knowing when to stop

Sometimes, it’s better to call it quits. If a lead is not the right fit and doesn’t really match your ideal customer profile, pushing on could cause problems once it comes time to deliver. Don’t waste time on dead-end opportunities – that time could be better spent on a lead that’s better suited to your business.

6. Trying to close a deal too soon

Speeding through a sale could result in missed opportunities. The longer you spend with a potential client, the better you will be able to get to know the challenges they face and be able to provide a solution. An effective sales process will help you stay on track and stop you from rushing ahead.

7. Being too eager to please

It’s not good business sense to go the extra mile for every prospect. Weigh up the pros and cons of each lead and only go above and beyond if doing so is worth the reward. Closing a sale is only worth celebrating if it adds value to your business.

8. Not asking enough of the right questions

There’s a fine line between getting to know a prospect and bombarding them with too many questions. Most successful salespeople spend more time listening than talking but is important to understand the right questions to ask. A deep understanding of your customers’ needs allows you to ask questions that show you care. Give prospects plenty of room to share their story.

9. Using the prospect’s name too frequently

Saying the prospect’s name at the end of every sentence can appear intimidating and unnatural. Avoid sounding forced or pushy – aim for a professional yet relaxed tone.

10. Disappearing after the close

Closing a sale is only half the job. Now you have a customer to look after. Follow up to make sure they are getting the most out of their investment and make sure they are properly taken care of in their early days.

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