UK Business Leaders Growth Summit

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Business leaders face tough times:

Inflationary pressures are eroding profit margins, leading to increased reliance on price-based decision-making.

Sales and commercial teams have failed to adapt to the economic challenges.

Retaining and attracting talent in a competitive market.

Supply chain issues are disrupting revenue and customer satisfaction.

Do any of these challenges resonate with you? If so, you’re not alone. 
Join other leaders at The Business Leaders Growth Summit to explore ways to win in a tough economy.

International Panel of Speakers

Alex Chan SalesStar

Alex Chan
Global Director Learning

Alex will share frontline findings from SalesStar’s global network of coaches on how they get companies to grow faster.


  • The number one reason why sales teams fail.
  • How your sales process can directly impact your sales growth.
  • How data driven organisations win more sales and what data to measure.
  • Develop your Go-to-Market strategy to make your company stand out from the rest.
  • The Secret Sauce: 6 Levers to pull to get sales growth faster.
George Brontén

George Brontén
Founder & CEO of Membrain

George will explore the use of sales enablement technology within your business that can help transform your sales process and development.


  • What makes a good enablement platform? What tools and features do business leaders feel they use proficiently?
  • How an effective sales enablement tool like Membrain enables salespeople to close, enable managers to coach, and executives to lead.
  • How to Drive True Sales Transformation: Technology’s Role
Alison Fell SalesStar UK

Alison Fell
Practice Partner

Alison is Practice Partner of SalesStar UK and specialises in recruitment strategies and sales development to help you grow.


  • The power of collaboration, strategic partnerships, and alliances in pooling resources.
  • How to share expertise to drive growth collectively.
  • How effective talent management, leadership development, and employee engagement strategies can foster a culture of growth and resilience within an organisation.

Network With Like Minded Business Leaders

Engage in an intimate networking session alongside other driven business leaders who share similar aspirations. Foster connections, exchange valuable experiences, and articulate perspectives on effectively manoeuvring through the obstacles of operating in today’s demanding business landscape.

Exclusive Offers and Giveaways

Exclusive access to SalesStar Transformation Toolkit and Academy, Membrain’s Sales Enablement Technology and a Complimentary Consultation Offer with a member of the SalesStar team.


By the end of this event you’ll have:

A definitive formula to enhance your revenue growth faster.

A winning formula for your Go-to-Market Strategy and to differentiate your company.

Key insights on how to become more data driven for predictable results.

Exclusive Webinar

Watch our experts in action as Alison Fell presents ‘Unlock the Power of Data Driven Sales Leadership’ alongside Alex Chan and SalesStar High-Performance Coach, Denis Rollet.

Download Your 9 Step High Performance Pathway.

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