Jill Pedersen

Jill Pedersen

Sales and marketing have been a part of Jill’s background for over 15 years. As a former Publisher and Business Development Manager, Jill has a solid foundation in building client relations,  networking and sales. She is proven in the area of sales processes, connecting, leading teams and managing goals. Additionally, having worked for a top marketing and communications firm, her experience with various industries ranges from agricultural companies, the manufacturing industry, non-profit organizations, food sales and digital commodities. She was invited to help launch two new companies (one domestic and one internationally) over the past five years and successfully built teams within those entities. In addition to client relations and business development, Jill held a long-standing career in direct sales where she was in the top 1% of sales representatives.

Jill has an extensive background in public speaking as well. Taking the stage for leadership and youth organizations both locally and nationally addressing topics that surround training, strategy and motivation.

“I have a passion for seeking out the best in people and an even bigger passion for being a connector and an influencer. I love helping businesses and teams within their business reach their goals and see success. I  build-in motivation, excitement and spark into everything that I do.”

Specialisation Areas

Client relations, prospecting, new business development, sales process, sales team management, account management, new business, public speaking and networking.

Sector Experience

Agriculture, leadership, food, digital commodities, non-profit.


Jill has experience working throughout the United States and Canada

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