Kat Davey SalesStar

Kat Davey

  • Bachelor of Commerce in Administration – Double major: Psychology and Marketing
  • Post-graduate diploma in Banking
  • HR role at ANZ – formulated policies around internal job advertising and implemented a new performance review process – and first learned sales techniques by having to “sell” these to executives, management and staff
  • Sales Territory Rep – EFTPOS business at ANZ Bank (when you still needed to explain what it was!)
  • Sales Manager – EFTPOS business at ANZ Bank
  • Account Manager – SoftEd (a software development training company)
  • National Sales Manager –SoftEd
  • Commission-only Sales Rep – Angela Stott Photography
  • Start-up business – Time for Kids

I consider my role to be like that of an orchestra conductor – making sure all the moving parts come together in harmony for best effect. I love the fact that what we do at SalesStar is like throwing a stone in a pond; the ripples that emanate have such positive consequences for the well-being of both businesses and individual lives. The knowledge that I play a definitive role in how well this happens brings me great satisfaction. Part of this is getting the right people in place, and establishing the right culture so we can provide the right customer experience. Furthermore, I love helping my clients achieve the same result. This is something that is easy to say but more difficult to achieve. I am privileged to be able to combine the expertise I’ve gained on my journey, with my innate curiosity about people and how they work, to best advantage. I also love being able to use my specialist knowledge in Objective Management Group tools to help businesses gain much-needed clarity around their issues and to assist them to find the top-performers they need to grow their businesses even further.

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