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Kevin Zwierko

Kevin has over 20+ years’ experience in both military and commercial aviation. He has served in leadership roles in combat, as a subject matter expert in strategic operational planning, and as a flight instructor in the classroom as well as in the air. His technical expertise and high pressure leadership experiences have developed his abilities to accurately comprehend the “big picture” and execute the boldest of organizational visions.
Kevin’s ability to swiftly analyze stakeholder needs and steadily condense the most complex of materials into easily-understandable lessons is his biggest asset when developing leaders and organizations from good to great.

Kevin has spent his career helping others to grow personally and professionally and is excited to bring
that experience to businesses in partnering with them to facilitate growth and success.

Apart from his clients, Kevin enjoys his primary vocation as a husband and father and devotes his free
time to helping his church and community.

Specialization Areas

Executive coaching, strategic planning, instruction & training, operations, project management, leadership culture, team-building, process improvement, risk management, public speaking and networking.

Sector Experience

Aviation, military, leadership, non-profit.


Kevin has experience working in 21 countries over five continents.

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