Shayne Porter

Shayne Porter

Shayne excels in guiding organisations to their peak by nurturing elite sales leaders, robust sales teams,  and implementing innovative sales strategies. Shayne leveraged his educational development expertise into a dynamic sales career, climbing the ladder from a sales representative to leading one of the largest  sales teams in New Zealand. His tenure as a sales leader is marked by remarkable achievements, with a consistent record of driving sales growth between 20 and 48 percent annually over a span of 25 years,  even amidst global economic crises. Shayne’s mantra is upward momentum, and his track record stands testament to his relentless pursuit of growth. 

With his unique background in learning behaviour and educational development, Shayne made impactful  contributions in New Zealand, England, and Switzerland, uplifting both students and educators alike. His  intuitive understanding of individual potential and team dynamics consistently leading to high levels of  achievement. 

Shayne couples his expertise in sales and coaching with a deep-seated passion for analytics, creating a  robust and well-rounded approach to his work. He firmly believes in the informative power of numbers and utilises them to guide strategies and decisions. 

Specialisation Areas 

His areas of specialisation include sales planning and operations, sales process, sales coaching, sales team  management, pipeline management, relationship/account management, channel management, sales strategy, and value proposition. 

Sector Experience 

Shayne’s sector experience spans across transport and logistics, supply chain, education, and sports and  recreation. He has an impressive geographical reach, having worked extensively across New Zealand, Australia, Europe, and North America. 

Shayne’s philosophy is one of growth and transformation: “The joy I derive from seeing individuals and  businesses evolve is second to none. Observing their sales scale new heights, witnessing their journeys from modest success to towering achievements, and nurturing managers as they metamorphose into  impactful leaders fuel my passion. It’s immensely fulfilling to offer advanced sales, sales leadership  learning programmes, and strategic advice that not only facilitates personal and professional growth but  also assists clients in surpassing their sales ambitions.”

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