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Alfredo Jimenez

Customer-oriented professional with 20+ years of experience in sales and business development. In 2019 Jose Alfredo Jimenez partnered in a consulting services company. Alfredo made his career starting as an account executive, and thanks to his outstanding results he was promoted first to Sales Manager and then all the way to Commercial Director. Over the last years he has combined selling activities with executive coaching services.

Alfredo Jimenez is a certified executive and ontologic coach with ICF credentials and he is also certified as a Mindfulness facilitator.

“Coaching and walking side by side with people to change their mindset and achieve their goals has become my second passion in life at the same level as selling. I believe the growth of companies is highly related to their collaborators’ growth, so helping people be motivated and achieve their goals is the most effective way to help businesses grow. For me, being a Sales Coach is just the perfect combination of my both passions. I have found helping people grow is my purpose in life, so coaching people to grow in sales and therefore in life has become the way to do my bit to make a difference for a better world”

Alfredo was born in Mexico, but at an early age he dreamt to travel all over the world and when he was 18 he won a place for student exchange and he moved to Russia (Still USSR back then) where he attended St Petersburg State University and completed his BD in Economic International Relationships and an MD in Foreign Trade. He then moved to Germany where he completed German language studies at the University of Hamburg.

Besides selling and coaching, Alfredo loves reading, watching movies, travelling and learning new things every day.

Specialisation Areas

Go-to-Market Strategy, sales process, CRM utilization and maximization, sales team management, coaching, strategic thinking and positive leadership.

Sector Experience

Alfredo started his sales career in the insurance sector, but soon after he moved to the logistics and transportation sector in which he had exposure to most industries, mainly: Pharma & healthcare, Hitech, Automotive and FMCG. He has also experience in employees’ benefits & rewards and consulting services.


Alfredo has experience working in Mexico and has performed special projects in Germany & Brazil. Alfredo speaks fluent Spanish, English, Russian and conversational German and Italian.

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