Cherri Holland SalesStar

Cherri Holland

  • BA (Industrial Psychology)
  • Worked with hundreds of clients in many sectors across nine countries to build success capability in areas such as leadership, influence, performance management, emotional intelligence, conflict resolution, sales, service, negotiation, debt collection and recruitment
  • Development and presentation of public programmes for members/clients of Chartered Accountants Australia & New Zealand, IT Professionals NZ and AUT Executive Education
  • Fellow of the Institute of Digital Transformation – creating and shaping conversations that influence how leaders lead and businesses perform in the digital era
  • Author of: Influencing 101; People Management Made Easy; People Capability & Value and Line Management – Topline to Bottomline

I am driven to show clients who are time-poor quick ways to get more of what they want and less of what they don’t in a range of areas with different stakeholders, both inside and outside of their organisation. I lead people to create approaches that feel natural and intuitive so they apply them seamlessly to their unique challenges to significantly improve their target outcomes. I draw on my study of peak performing organisations and the neuroscience of super-performance to provide insights, skills and motivation that gives people confidence about what they need to do to succeed.

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