Grant Holland SalesStar

Grant Holland

  • Past National Sales, Head of Sales, Director of Sales and CEO roles
  • Former sales director of Wormald, taking the company from $50 million to $100 million inside three years to number one in the Tyco group worldwide
  • Headhunted by Westpac to become head of Westpac High Performance for commercial and agri. 800 sales staff reporting via 35 managers. Tripled market share
  • Instrumental in growing SalesStar by over 60% in 2016

If I had to summarise what motivates my life, it’s all encapsulated in SalesStar’s vision: “To become absolutely integral in the economic growth of Australia and New Zealand. Values led and purpose driven, we challenge, we stretch, we grow. We started from humble beginnings and we will leave as better ancestors…” I am a great believer in stretching people’s aspirations so they become the best versions of themselves and in doing so, make our countries stronger. I am deeply motivated by the idea of creating a legacy and sharing with people all I have – and the best from the world – almost as if it were the last chance to do so.

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