Juan Pablo Urruchua SalesStar

Juan Pablo Urruchua

With over 25 years of commercial experience Juan Pablo Urruchúa was Chief Commercial Officer for Engen Capital & GE Capital Solutions for 10 years, both a full range commercial finance business with $3.0Bn in assets and over $1.0Bn in annual new financing volume. Prior to this, JP was Chief Marketing Officer for 3 years for the same business and held several commercial leadership positions with GE Capital.

JP is a certified Objective Management Group (sales diagnostics & assessments) assessor.

“After many years in sales, I realized I obtained more satisfaction by creating, ideating and developing ways to improve commercial performance than from actual deal making. Commercial Excellence is a secret passion I’ve had for many years and now I’ve decided to to convert into a business, to help business grow. I thrive by helping companies realize their true commercial potential by helping them assess their gaps and jointly determine the best way to close those gaps to achieve growth and a high-performing sales culture.”

Juan Pablo was born in Mexico and as a son of a Mexican diplomat was raised in Canada, Italy, Spain, Panama, Jamaica, El Salvador & Peru. He attended the ITAM where he got a BA degree and later received an MBA from IPADE.

Juan Pablo enjoys spinning & gaming. He has been married for 23 years and has 2 young adults, Fernanda (20) and Emilio (17).

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