Lars Alberyd SalesStar

Lars Alberyd

  • Over 20 years of sales, sales management, and sales leadership experience
  • Have spent ten years as a sales transformation consultant – mainly in the automotive industry 
  • Entrepreneurial background as an owner and co-owner of small consulting firms

I love the simple idea of challenging others and myself to see if it’s possible to reach desired outcomes. It often starts with a few words like, – ”What if we tried it this way… 

If you want to grow, you need to transform. However, what a lot of professionals have experienced is that change work can be both hard and complicated. I like to help and support our clients change initiatives because I love exploring the human mechanics that are in play and the results that often come out of it. I believe that coaching is a great approach for making change happen.

Through deep listening and questions that open up and map out the pathway forward – people get access to an incredible inner strength from which they can take action – this makes all the difference. That’s why I help growth-oriented leaders accelerate revenue through improving sales performance. Grow people to grow sales!

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