Keith Davis US Georgia

Keith Davis

Keith is a seasoned professional who has built his career on the principles of Strength-Based Leadership and Radical Candor. A Navy veteran, Keith brings a strong belief that people are the mission, you grow sales by growing people.

Throughout his nearly three-decade career, Keith has consistently led teams that surpass sales targets and drive growth. He has a track record of increasing revenue by a range of 35 to 120
percent. He has led teams across various industries including insurance, SaaS, and telecom. Keith’s proficiency in sales processes, comprehensive understanding of sales methodologies and analytical skills give him an understanding of the science of sales.

Keith possesses exceptional speaking abilities, captivating audiences as he shares his insights on motivation, strategy, and goal setting. Keith’s commitment to mentoring demonstrates his dedication to helping others succeed.

“I’m at my best when I get to pour into someone else, that’s where I get fed. There’s nothing like imparting a skill to someone that will serve them for the rest of their life. Even better is knowing that they will pass that skill along to someone else. That’s what life is about, making an impact that will ripple through a million lives.

Specialization Areas

Sales planning, sales process, sales team management, account management, new business, sales strategy and public speaking.

Sector Experience

Telecommunications, internet service, technology sales, professional services, field sales


Keith has experience working throughout the United States

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