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SalesStar es una empresa de transformación de ventas que potencia a empresas de todo el mundo.

SalesStar es una empresa de transformación de ventas que potencia a empresas de todo el mundo.

El galardonado equipo de vendedores experimentados, empresarios, formadores y directivos, son apasionados de las ventas y de elevar el rendimiento y los resultados de las organizaciones de ventas.

Trabajamos con directores generales y líderes ejecutivos de ventas orientados al crecimiento que buscan soluciones a la medida para satisfacer sus necesidades específicas. Aquellos que tienen una mentalidad de cambio y están dispuestos a invertir en su organización- equipo de ventas para alcanzar el máximo rendimiento.

Combinando la investigación específica de ventas y las mejores prácticas probadas, proporcionaremos un camino claro para alcanzar tus objetivos de ventas y comerciales.

SalesStar Triangle


SalesStar es una empresa de transformación de ventas que potencia a empresas de todo el mundo. 

SalesStar es una empresa de transformación de ventas que potencia a empresas de todo el mundo. 

El galardonado equipo de vendedores experimentados, empresarios, formadores y directivos, son apasionados de las ventas y de elevar el rendimiento y los resultados de las organizaciones de ventas.

Trabajamos con directores generales y líderes ejecutivos de ventas orientados al crecimiento que buscan soluciones a la medida para satisfacer sus necesidades específicas. Aquellos que tienen una mentalidad de cambio y están dispuestos a invertir en su organización- equipo de  ventas para alcanzar el máximo rendimiento.

Combinando la investigación específica de ventas y las mejores prácticas probadas, le proporcionaremos un camino claro para alcanzar sus objetivos de ventas y comerciales.

SalesStar Triangle



Av Sta Fe 505-piso 23 oficina 123,
Lomas de Santa Fe, Contadero,
Cuajimalpa de Morelos,
01219 Ciudad de México,

phone: +52 56 1855 7770


SalesStar Triangle

Conoce el equipo

Juan Pablo Urruchua SalesStar
Juan Pablo Urruchua
Practice Partner

With over 25 years of commercial experience Juan Pablo Urruchúa was Chief Commercial Officer for Engen Capital & GE Capital Solutions for 10 years, both a full range commercial finance business with $3.0Bn in assets and over $1.0Bn in annual new financing volume. Prior to this, JP was Chief Marketing Officer for 3 years for the same business and held several commercial leadership positions with GE Capital.

JP is a certified Objective Management Group (sales diagnostics & assessments) assessor.

“After many years in sales, I realized I obtained more satisfaction by creating, ideating and developing ways to improve commercial performance than from actual deal making. Commercial Excellence is a secret passion I’ve had for many years and now I’ve decided to to convert into a business, to help business grow. I thrive by helping companies realize their true commercial potential by helping them assess their gaps and jointly determine the best way to close those gaps to achieve growth and a high-performing sales culture.”

Juan Pablo was born in Mexico and as a son of a Mexican diplomat was raised in Canada, Italy, Spain, Panama, Jamaica, El Salvador & Peru. He attended the ITAM where he got a BA degree and later received an MBA from IPADE.

Juan Pablo enjoys spinning & gaming. He has been married for 23 years and has 2 young adults, Fernanda (20) and Emilio (17).

Alfredo Jimenez SalesStar
Alfredo Jimenez
High Performance Coach

Customer-oriented professional with 20+ years of experience in sales and business development. In 2019 Jose Alfredo Jimenez partnered in a consulting services company. Alfredo made his career starting as an account executive, and thanks to his outstanding results he was promoted first to Sales Manager and then all the way to Commercial Director. Over the last years he has combined selling activities with executive coaching services.

Alfredo Jimenez is a certified executive and ontologic coach with ICF credentials and he is also certified as a Mindfulness facilitator.

“Coaching and walking side by side with people to change their mindset and achieve their goals has become my second passion in life at the same level as selling. I believe the growth of companies is highly related to their collaborators’ growth, so helping people be motivated and achieve their goals is the most effective way to help businesses grow. For me, being a Sales Coach is just the perfect combination of my both passions. I have found helping people grow is my purpose in life, so coaching people to grow in sales and therefore in life has become the way to do my bit to make a difference for a better world”

Alfredo was born in Mexico, but at an early age he dreamt to travel all over the world and when he was 18 he won a place for student exchange and he moved to Russia (Still USSR back then) where he attended St Petersburg State University and completed his BD in Economic International Relationships and an MD in Foreign Trade. He then moved to Germany where he completed German language studies at the University of Hamburg.

Besides selling and coaching, Alfredo loves reading, watching movies, travelling and learning new things every day.

Specialisation Areas

Go-to-Market Strategy, sales process, CRM utilization and maximization, sales team management, coaching, strategic thinking and positive leadership.

Sector Experience

Alfredo started his sales career in the insurance sector, but soon after he moved to the logistics and transportation sector in which he had exposure to most industries, mainly: Pharma & healthcare, Hitech, Automotive and FMCG. He has also experience in employees’ benefits & rewards and consulting services.


Alfredo has experience working in Mexico and has performed special projects in Germany & Brazil. Alfredo speaks fluent Spanish, English, Russian and conversational German and Italian.

Mariano Maldonado Sales STAR Mexico
Mariano Maldonado
High Performance Coach

Over 10 years of experience as a high-performance sales teams coach and leader. Mariano is passionate about helping people reach their full potential and positively impact the world. Mariano was born and raised in Mexico. He’s an architect, and graduated with honors from the Universidad Iberoamericana in Mexico City. He studied in an abroad program at the ETSAM in Madrid, Spain, and attended the London Architectural Association Visiting School in Koshirakura, Japan.

After owning his architecture firm for some time, Mariano worked as a Headhunter for 5 years at Michael Page, focusing on top executive positions for several industries. Mariano later became Enterprise Sales Director for WeWork Mexico and led a team to close some of the company’s biggest deals, including those with American Express and Google. Mariano is a certified Ontological Coach by the International Coaching and Consulting Network (ICCN).

Currently helps companies and individuals achieve their goals through transformational coaching and HR consulting services.

Specialisation Areas

Sales, Business Development, Executive Coaching, Human Resources, Recruitment, Architecture.

Sector Experience

Consulting, Real Estate, Human Resources, Headhunting, Construction.


Mexico City, Mexico; Madrid, Spain; London, United Kingdom

Ruth Adell Villalón
Ruth Adell Villalón
High Performance Coach

With over 15 years of dedicated experience in talent acquisition for global enterprises, Ruth Adell Villalón is a seasoned entrepreneur and Founder of ADD Partners, established in early 2020. Ruth’s expertise lies in strategically placing highly qualified candidates across various sectors, including Finance, SAAS, IT, Consumer Goods, Digital, Industrial, and Logistics, with a specialized focus on the Americas region.

In addition to her entrepreneurial ventures, Ruth serves as a Recruitment Delivery Coach at SalesStar, where she guides and enhances sales and recruitment strategies based on her extensive industry experience.

Driven by a commitment to excellence and a passion for talent acquisition, Ruth is recognized for her ability to align human capital with corporate objectives, contributing significantly to the success and growth of the organizations. Her corporate ethos revolves around empowering individuals to unleash their full potential, thereby fostering overall organizational success.

Specialisation Areas

Commercial, Talent Acquisition, Sales Strategy and Operations, Recruitment Strategies, Leadership Development

Sector Experience

Finance, SAAS, Information Technology (IT), Consumer Goods, Logistics


Ruth has extensive experience across the Americas region.

Paulina Salazar SalesStar Mexico
Paulina Salazar
Business Operations Manager

Hi, I’m Paulina, and I have a background in finance. With a bachelor’s degree in economics, I’ve cultivated a strong foundation in the financial realm, and I’ve had the privilege of working in this exciting field.

I enjoy working with global and diverse teams, as my love for collaboration and my natural people skills make me an effective and efficient team player. My strengths lie in organization, time management, and attention to detail. 

In my free time, I’m an active enthusiast of life’s simple pleasures. I prioritise exercise, the joy of reading, the tranquillity of a leisurely walk, and the warmth of spending quality time with my cherished family and friends.

Areas of Specialization:

Operations, Administration, Project Management, Communication, Microsoft Office, Finance

Sector Experience:



Mexico City and San Diego, CA

SalesStar Triangle
Global Head Office Team
Paul O’Donohue
  • First ten years of working career as an industrial electrician (Diploma of Electrical Engineering) – realised most tradespeople were poor at sales and wanted to learn more
  • Sales Engineer for PDL Electronics
  • Key Account Manager, Tyco Electronics
  • Moved to Recruitment Industry – strong interest in assessment tools that could help identify the traits of a successful salesperson
  • Post Grad Diploma of Business Administration
  • Owner of Business Consultant franchise (2003)
  • Founded SalesStar (2005)
  • Member of EO (The Entrepreneurs’ Association) and board member for New Zealand for the past four years

I have always been passionate about making a difference, helping to grow people in order to grow sales. I particularly enjoy helping entrepreneurs develop the sales strategy and disciplines they require to maximise their growth. We literally give CEOs the clarity to help “engineer sales success”. Over the years we’ve been instrumental in aiding our clients to grow their markets, putting the science behind sales success so they could grow by as much as 146%. I gain great satisfaction out of using my unique blend of skills and experience to pragmatically solve complex sales challenges and help companies map out a clear path to grow. I’m a strong advocate for three things: for setting goals that stretch, for lifelong learning and for developing a supportive mindset for success. I live by the philosophy “If you’re not getting out of your comfort zone, you are not growing.”

Australia, New Zealand, United States, Sweden, United Kingdom, Mexico
Kat Davey
Kat Davey
Chief Financial Officer
  • Bachelor of Commerce in Administration – Double major: Psychology and Marketing
  • Post-graduate diploma in Banking
  • HR role at ANZ – formulated policies around internal job advertising and implemented a new performance review process – and first learned sales techniques by having to “sell” these to executives, management and staff
  • Sales Territory Rep – EFTPOS business at ANZ Bank (when you still needed to explain what it was!)
  • Sales Manager – EFTPOS business at ANZ Bank
  • Account Manager – SoftEd (a software development training company)
  • National Sales Manager –SoftEd
  • Commission-only Sales Rep – Angela Stott Photography
  • Start-up business – Time for Kids

I consider my role to be like that of an orchestra conductor – making sure all the moving parts come together in harmony for best effect. I love the fact that what we do at SalesStar is like throwing a stone in a pond; the ripples that emanate have such positive consequences for the well-being of both businesses and individual lives. The knowledge that I play a definitive role in how well this happens brings me great satisfaction. Part of this is getting the right people in place, and establishing the right culture so we can provide the right customer experience. Furthermore, I love helping my clients achieve the same result. This is something that is easy to say but more difficult to achieve. I am privileged to be able to combine the expertise I’ve gained on my journey, with my innate curiosity about people and how they work, to best advantage. I also love being able to use my specialist knowledge in Objective Management Group tools to help businesses gain much-needed clarity around their issues and to assist them to find the top-performers they need to grow their businesses even further.

Global Team
Alex Chan SalesStar
Alex Chan
Global Director of Learning
  • Sales background in stationery, printing, business equipment, capital equipment, professional services and diamonds. Smallest sale – $5. Biggest sale- $15,000,000
  • Leader of sales teams as a sales manager, contract sales manager and RFP project leader. Responsible for budgets between $2m – $100m.
  • Assisted clients to grow their sales between 20-300% – in one case played a key role in doubling sales from $50m to $100m

I get great satisfaction from watching people and their companies grow. When I see their sales climbing, when I see them becoming more successful as a result, when I see managers transform into leaders and grow their teams, then I know why I get up every morning. And nothing compares to the feeling of having people come back to me years later to say I changed their lives. It’s gratifying to be able to provide cutting edge sales and sales leadership learning programmes, diagnostics and business advice that helps individuals grow personally and professionally- and that sees clients reach and exceed their sales goals.

Global Team
Leigh Parker SalesStar
Leigh Parker
Head of Capability & Performance

Leigh is an experienced professional with a strong background in business and capability development.

He has over 25 years of business management, sales and capability development experience both domestically and internationally.

From 16 years with McDonald’s, Leigh understands the value of systems having learnt the business from the ground up. His roles included managing Franchising and Training for McDonald’s New Zealand, to becoming a Franchisee.

From there Leigh has held senior Sales, Account Management and Learning & Development roles for companies such as Fonterra. Adding some years consulting in the area of Sales & Leadership development, Leigh has facilitated & coached sales teams directly while also training coaches to do the same.

Leigh is known for his genuine passion for people development, business acumen and making a difference.

Global Team
Lisa Carter SalesStar
Lisa Carter
VP Global Partnerships

15 years in Senior Leadership roles working in the SaaS, Management Consultancy and Investment Banking Industries. I’ve been involved in deploying three different operating models, converted a consulting business to a SaaS model, and have solid business acumen on the operational aspects of running a business. I developed and delivered a global services operating model to deliver a concierge Client Experience to our customers, ready to scale.

Personal Achievements:

2018 | Finalist in the Top Women in Leadership – SaaS (3,460 nominations, I had over 80 Nominations)
2018 | Multiplier of the Year Nominee ( The MOY Award is an international contest to recognize leaders who amplify the intelligence of those around them )

Global Team
Michelle Horn SalesStar
Michelle Horn
Global Client Success Support Manager
  • Personal assistant roles in Ericsson Communications, Cable Ways Ltd, Welcome Tourism Services (Johannesburg)
  • Experience in marketing co-ordination, corporate event co-ordination, account management and project leadership (USA and South Africa)
  • Conference services and event management for Ritz-Carlton Hotel

I bring energy and dedication to my role as Client Services Project Manager and, as a details oriented person, give extra focus to those things that add value for my colleagues and clients. I particularly enjoy giving support and structure to clients. They come to us with a goal in mind and it’s great to be able to use my organisational skills to assist them on their journey. I apply my sense of dedication to whatever projects or tasks that come my way and gain great satisfaction from supporting the process from the first signs of seeing things flourish through to ultimate completion.

Global Team
Reuben McNair SalesStar
Reuben McNair
Head of Operations
  • Quadruple Major in: Management, Commercial Law, Psychology and Statistics.

My role pertains to managing the systems that underly the operation of SalesStar; be that legal documentation, web infrastructure, application procurement/development or business process refinement.

I oversee Marketing and core HR functions in addition to the above.

Global Team
Roberta O'Donohue
Roberta O’Donohue
Global Team
Oliver Eaton - Digital Marketing and Media Content Creation Executive
Oliver Eaton
Global Marketing Executive

Oliver joined the SalesStar Digital team in January 2022 and brings to the creative team his knowledge of organic social media management and video production skills. Oliver is based in the United Kingdom and is part of the UK SalesStar Practice.

In his spare time Oliver can be found either walking throughout the beautiful Yorkshire countryside, playing video games or watching football at his local football club, Huddersfield Town.

SalesStar Digital

SalesStar Digital is the digital marketing business unit of SalesStar. Created in 2021, it was born out of our clients’ continued frustration at the poor performance of their previous digital marketing partners.

In creating SalesStar Digital, we have pioneered a new approach to lead generation through digital marketing. Our focus is on ensuring that the marketing strategy runs parallel to the sales strategy, combining SalesStar’s world-leading knowledge in sales effectiveness with the cutting-edge expertise of our digital marketing team. SalesStar Digital ensures that lead generation is conducted in a synergistic way, across all applicable digital channels; and that all decisions are driven by data and linked to ROI.

Global Team
Ben Cardwell SalesStar Digital Digital Marketing
Ben Cardwell
Senior Digital Growth Manager

Hi there! I am a digital marketing expert with a particular focus on Google and Facebook advertising. I know how to create and run effective ads that will help your business grow. I understand the latest trends and best practices, but most importantly, I know how to make it work for you. I’m here to help you increase your brand awareness, generate leads and make more sales.

Outside of work I most enjoy spending time with my three beautiful daughters and getting out and about exploring New Zealand.

Global Team

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