Denis Rollet - SalesStar High Performance Coach

Denis Rollet

Denis is a High-Performance Coach for SalesStar, leading the company’s vision of being a mission-critical resource to business leaders who strive to build a world-class selling teams and create a rapid momentum for growth.

He is well versed in leading, inspiring, and driving sales teams to deliver strong business performances. Throughout his leadership roles, Denis is considered a driving force for many notable initiatives. His wealth of experience is now helping clients implement our programmes to drive measurable improvements to their performance. He provides both training and executive coaching to guide many of SalesStar’s UK clients throughout their sales transformation journey.

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Denis uses his experience to help customers achieve what matters most to them— building top performing teams and improvements in their sales metrics. His role as a coach is to introduce concrete and measurable strategies to create a path for rapid and sustainable growth. One of his fundamental ingredient is a genuine belief in the value of the solutions SalesStar delivers.

“When I reflect on my clients’ successes, I cannot help but attribute it to their fundamental understanding of the principles of consultative selling. I truly believe that our Consultative Selling training programme develops a customer-centric mindset, and when you sell with the customer’s perspective in mind, it has a dramatic effect. The interesting thing about this approach is the concepts are intuitive, which means sales professionals can adopt the practices simply, and yet, you can study it for 20 years and still find opportunities to improve your skills. For me, this means our program unlocks limitless opportunities”

Prior to joining SalesStar, Denis held a variety of senior executive positions for the private sector and publicly traded companies with responsibilities across UK, Europe and the US. He resides in London with his family. He enjoys walking, travelling internationally and has an insatiable desire to read and keep on learning.

Sector of Experience

Finance, Technology & Software Development, Professional Services, Construction, Hospitality, Medical

What His Clients Say About Him

“Denis has an innate knack for finding not only the sand in the gears on a team, but also zeroing in on pragmatic, powerful and process-driven solutions to address them. He is an exceptional communicator and presenter, who brings top-notch content that is timely, relevant and resonates with any team he consults with.”

“Team sessions with him bring a safe space to address issues, insecurities and inconsistencies on the sales team that encourage candid, constructive feedback and readily applicable suggestions for improvement. Denis brings a professional, cordial and highly knowledgeable air to his training and coaching which solidifies trust, team engagement and brings enormous value to every member of the team and in turn the company as a whole. His impact can be felt from the first engagement, and I could not more highly recommend getting in touch with him to transform the way a sales team thinks, acts and delivers!”

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