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Jim Nilsson

With nearly three decades management experience, Jim specialises in growing international companies,
through developing highperformance people, and in particular, management teams, sales leaders & sales
teams. As a former managing director and sales manager, Jim has an impressive record of developing
companies’ revenue, between 10% and 50%, with budget responsibility between 250 to 350 million SEK
PA. Jim’s commercial experience includes Sales Strategy, Sales Management, Sales and Account
Management, Marketing Management, and professional service.

My personnel professional passion is to develop and coach people, and teams, to see them grow and thereby,
grow their businesses. When I see their sales increasing and the people becoming more successful as a result of
our partnership, then I know why I get up every morning. It is gratifying to be able to provide sales and sales
leadership learning programs, diagnostics and business advice that helps individuals and businesses to reach
and exceed their goals”.

Jim has been happily married for more than 30 years to his wife, best friend and guide in life, he is the
father of two wonderful grownup children, a business geek driven by performing results in everything
he does. The working life pathos is that mindset and motivation is extremely important but equal
important is discipline to secure that work and tasks gets executed and completed, which is a pathos he
brings with him to every client, every day.

Specialisation Areas

Strategic Sales planning and operations, Sales process, Sales coaching and Sales team management,
Pipeline management, Account management, Sales strategy, Value proposition, General Management,
Executive Coaching.

Sector Experience

Manufacturing B2B companies. Building and Construction, Polymer Industries, Oil & Gas Offshore,
Education, Engineering/Electrical services, Energy, Industrial equipment, Tech services.


Jim has experience working with clients located across Sweden, Scandinavia and Europe. Jim currently
works with clients across Scandinavia.

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